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About us

Inspired by man’s micromoments in life, Brindlemutt’s products are catered to every man’s needs in his life’s journey by using unique blends of essential oils and scents which soothes both body and soul.

A man’s life is built up of many layers representing different stages of life which are all intricately weaved together, making up the man. It is this quality web that creates depth of character in man, and it is an idea that Brindlemutt embodies when creating its scents.

Like the unique brindle hound that has survived through battle and proven its strength in the rough environment, Brindlemutt represents individual patterns of brown on the fur coat of hounds selected for survival. Like its name, our soap has been through the cycle of its life and each finished product has emerged triumphant from all other recipes and initial ideas we’ve had. Our selected scents are made up of all-natural ingredients and have no added preservatives or synthetic products. Born from the environment, Brindlemutt is safe to return to the environment once it is used.

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